In Studio: The Internet / by Cisco Adler

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Yesterday I was in the studio with an amazing group of individuals who collectively call themselves THE INTERNET and hail from the wild and wacky world of OFWGKTA ( ODD FUTURE ).   Syd The Kyd, Matt Martians, and their drummer and all around cool cat Christopher Smith came in to jam in Bananabeat Studios and we made some madness. I love how these guys work. They are all vibe and no pretense and really are a futuristic jam band of sorts. If you dont know them check out their new album FEEL GOOD and the stand out track DONTCHA. Syd is an amazing person, a multi nstrumentalist and a fantastic singer. Her presence is effortless and cool. Matt is a hilarious dude and the resident producer / visionary and Chris is a mean drummer with a sick pocket and a smile. Its always a pleasure to work with a young band that knows exactly what they want to sound like. Minor chord changes, soulful vamps, dreamy soundscapes and more! You'll love this band! Go check em until you can hear the crazy track we made someday soon! Much love!