Andre Legacy - Bender (feat. Cisco Adler)

Andre Legacy - DJ Dying (feat. Cisco Adler)

Beardo - Back To The Valley (feat. Cisco Adler)

Beardo - Let's Rock

Mr. Lil' One/Lil' Uno - Love Like Magic (feat. Cisco Adler)

Mickey Avalon - What Do You Say (feat. Cisco Adler, Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy)

The Pricks - Brown Eyes (feat. Cisco Adler)

Stallionaires - Summer Love Child (feat. Cisco Adler)

Wiz Khalifa - Hey Girl (feat. Cisco Adler)

Jesse Scott - Hands Up (feat. Cisco Adler)

Big B - My Baby Says (feat. Cisco Adler)*

Mod Sun - Jam On! (feat. Cisco Adler)

Mod Sun - Stop Everything Your Doing Right Now And Smile (feat. Cisco Adler) 

Kidd Russell - Are We having fun yet (feat. Cisco Adler)

Kidd Russell - Wake Up (feat. Cisco Adler)

The Knux - Cry Myself To Sleep (feat. Cisco Adler) 

Del the Funky Homosapien - Down On The Westside (feat. Cisco Adler)





Shwayze - Shwayze

Shwayze - Let It Beat

Shwayze - Rich Girls

Shwayze & Cisco - Island In The Sun

Cisco Adler - Aloha ( EP ) 

Cisco Adler - Aloha ( LP ) 

Cisco Adler - Mahalo ( EP )

Whitestarr - Luv Machine

Whitestarr - Fillith Tillith

Mod Sun - Happy As Fuck ( EP )


Chris Young the Rapper 

-Get Romantic

-Stadium Rap

-Get It RIght

Mickey Avalon 

-Jane Fonda

-Mr. Right

-What Do You Say ( From the Motion Picture: The Hangover )

-Stroke Me

Mike Posner 

-Do U Wanna?

-Gone In September

Wiz Khalifa

-Hey Girl

Dirt Nasty 


-Big In Japan

-So L.A.

-Riding Low

-Lookin' for a Nasty Girl

Big B

-My Baby Says

Cobra Starship ft. Chris Young the Rapper

-Shut Your Mouth

Warren G

-I Think We’re Alone Now

Del The Funky Homosapien 

-Down On The Westside (feat. Cisco Adler)

The Knux

- Cry Myself To Sleep (feat. Cisco Adler)

Alpha Chino  

- I Love The Pussy From the Motion Picture:Tropic Thunder )

Huey Mack 

- Suntan

- Young Love

Roxy Cottontail

- Buttafly Kisses

Cisco Adler / Yelawolf / Dirt Nasty / Johnny Polygon

- Lemonade

Pat Brown

- Who We Are


- Never Drink Again

Riff Raff  

Livin' Fast (feat. Mod Sun) 

G Love

- Just Fine

Unwritten Law

- Nevermind

- Dark Dayz

- Swan Song